A shy little girl - Ally
femela, Born on: 04.07.2011
Identificator: 10088

Ally was around 2.5 months old when she probably got lost from her mom... She was frightened and disoriented and she entered a yard guarded by a big dog, who would have probably torn her to pieces, if one of the employees had not heard her desperate screams. She was frightened of everything around her when she came to us - people, noises, movements... In time, Ally accepted that no one will hurt her, started to trust us and feel at ease.

Ally is one of the cats who grew up under our eyes and stayed with us, as no one was willing to give her a chance because of her initial shyness. During these 4 years with us, she had problems with her teeth and some were pulled out. She was treated with much care, not to scare her even more, especially after we earned her trust. She is fine now and can eat as any other cat, but it's not impossible that in time, she might have red gums or minor problems - some cats are just like those of us who have... bad teeth.

She is a very beautiful, good girl, shy at first but after she gets to know you and realizes that you don't want to hurt her, she is very affectionate and would spend all day enjoying your loving and cuddling her. But she needs time...

Ally is waiting for a long long time for someone nice and understanding, with lots of love to give. She will definitely reward that person who accepts her just the way she is.

Even is you cannot take Ally home, you can virtually adopt her! It's easy, all you have to do is fill in a form and specify the amount you want to sponsor her with - Ally, or other shy or wild cat we have, as their chances of adoption are almost zero...

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