femela, Born on: March 13, 2000
Identificator: 10121

Lucy was found in Italy when she was only a kitten by a couple who raised her as their own child for many years. She was a very faithful cat, who could stand by the bed of her sick human for hours, without eating or moving.

Recently, one of the family’s children developed an ugly allergy, already having asthma – and because of that, seizures started to appear. The doctors’ conclusion was that the child must not be in contact with cat hair and many other things which could worsen his problems. So the owners brought Lucy to us but stayed by her side to this day, visiting and volunteering regularly.

We adore beautiful, beautiful Lucy! She’s a calm cat whom you usually find in a basket, sleeping or watching the other cats. But this lady has a schedule! – at certain hours of the day, she calls you and asks either for food or for love! She talks to us when we pet her, making a very funny sound, like a little frog. She even gives us “kisses” – when you put your face close to her. She likes sitting in the sun and does it with so much grace and dignity.

Lucy was adopted once, she adapted quickly but she was returned after a couple of days. We really hope that the next time she finds a home, it will be forever. She has so much love to offer!