Sugar and Spice
femela, Born on: 01.06.2014
Adaugat la data de: 30 Oct 2014
Identificator: 10372-73

Sugar and Spice were a present we received, we don't know who from. They were just thrown over the gate, that is how they came to us. One is more white, less black, her sister - the other way round. One is friendly, the other is shy, but they complete one another perfectly.

When you enter the room, Sugar is all over you and she cannot wait to be picked up. Spice... hardly looks at you. Anyone who visits remarks Sugar and would love to take her home (but they don't, in the end), while they don't even see Spice.

That is exactly why we wish the sisters to find a home together. They are You cannot get rid of Sugar, you don't even know you have Spice, so what would be the problem? You'd have 2 in 1 :)