Cory & Margot
mascul, Born on: 05.01.2014/02.11.2011
Adaugat la data de: 02 Nov 2014
Identificator: 10360-61

We don't know anything about Cory and his mom Margot's life before they came to us. They probably had an owner who carefully packed them into a box and left them before our gate. Who knows how long they have been there when we received a phone call early in the morning from a neighbour saying we had a "present" outside. It was a Saturday morning in July and the sun was burning...

Both Cory and Margot have no trust when it comes to people. And they are black too! Maybe the color of their fur was the reason they were abandoned, and maybe the long hours in a box, without light and air, have left their mark on these two gorgeous cats.

How we tell them apart? Cory is a bit smaller than his mom, Margot - who has big and curious eyes and, when you get close to her, you understand really soon that you are not welcome.

As many other cats we have, their chances of adoption are almost zero. Cory is very shy and Margot is shy and half-wild. Adoption is not impossible, don't get us wrong. We have seen cats like them turn into sweet ones, but it takes a lot of patience and much love.

However, until the miracle happens, you can virtually adopt them! It's easy, all you have to do is fill in a form and specify the amount you want to sponsor them with - Cory, Margot, or other shy or wild cat we have.

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