femela, Born on: 01.07.2013
Adaugat la data de: 12 Nov 2014
Identificator: 10265

Beauty's all you'll ever see
You get nothing else from me
I prefer to hide away
When you call me out to play.

Why is that? - You want to ask
Am I wearing a mask?
Yes, I'm longing for a hug
But for me it's like a drug.

I would need it every day
So that means you'll have to stay
You will have to earn my trust
And don't leave me in the dust.

Kara came to us together with her mommy. She was born in a yard and grew up there until her presence was revealed. That was the moment when both mother and daughter were threatened: it you don't leave by yourself, we will make you leave!

After many entreaties, they were allowed to stay in that yard until they were vaccinated - the shelter was very crowded at that time, too. But they were only allowed to stay there, nothing more. One of our volunteers took them a box where they found shelter and fed them every day... The most important thing is they got away from there: they came to us very scared and disappointed in people. We couldn't get close to them, though we had tried countless times.

In time, the mom - Arina - got well. She was even adopted. For Kara, it appears that the wounds were too deep though. She continues to be shy, running away from us and hiding. She is an extremely beautiful cat, but still needs more time. We try to empathize with her the best way we can, but as we were never driven away, we won't be able to fully understand what's going on in her heart. However, we can love and accept her as she is: the beautiful and shy Kara!

Even is you cannot take Kara home, you can virtually adopt her! It's easy, all you have to do is fill in a form and specify the amount you want to sponsor her with - Kara, or other shy or wild cat we have, as their chances of adoption are almost zero...

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