Lance, aka Lens
mascul, Born on: 16.05.2012
Adaugat la data de: 12 Nov 2014
Identificator: 10323

Lance was virtually adopted by Dominique!!


Lance, also known as Lens, was born in a cellar. His mom raised him with a lot of love up to the day when she never returned to him: she was hit by a car. The little one remained all by himself in the cellar. He didn't know how to get out of there without his mommy or his other siblings.

A tenant knew about his existence and went down to feed him. The days passed by, Lance grew up a little, but it became harder and harder to be fed as the other neighbours expressed their dissatisfaction.

We don't know exactly what happened to him or why he does not allow us to touch him. He is always on the run as he sees us willing to get close to him. Could it be because of the loneliness and the dark?

Despite all this, he is the funniest cat in the shelter. When he frowns, he resembles a tiger. When he is curious or waiting for something, his look makes you burst into laughter - he is a bit cross-eyed. Even his lip is a bit high. We truly hope that he forgives us when we laugh and that he knows how much we love him. We would very much wish that he could understand there is no reason for him to fear, that we mean him well, in order for him to have a chance to a real family. Just imagine how much joy he would bring to that house!

Even is you cannot take Lance home, you can virtually adopt him! It's easy, all you have to do is fill in a form and specify the amount you want to sponsor him with - Lance, or other shy or wild cat we have, as their chances of adoption are almost zero...

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