femela, Born on: 03.10.2010
Adaugat la data de: 13 Nov 2014

Althea is a very quiet cat that has barely made it alive. We do not know what happened to her. All we know is that she was taken to a vet in town in a very serious condition - she couldn't stand on her legs...

After a few weeks of treatments, she started walking on very short distances, usually from her basket up to the food bowl or to the litter.She didn't allow anyone to get close to her and when she started feeling better, she has even begun to growl and hit any hand that wanted to reach her. Unfortunately, this type of behaviour continued up to the present day. The only thing she allows you to do is to leave some food for her somewhere close.

Althea still stumbles while walking, but she doesn't fall any more. One can see her sitting in her basket almost all the time, always awake, very attentive to any newcomers and their intentions. She would make us all happy if, one day, she would allow us to pet her. Maybe, but just maybe, we could make her forget what has happened to her and we could give her, as well, some of our love. Up to that point, we don't have any choice but to wait and try our luck from time to time. Maybe we will end up with a scratch, but perhaps we will be successful.

Even is you cannot take Althea home, you can virtually adopt her! It's easy, all you have to do is fill in a form and specify the amount you want to sponsor her with - Althea, or other shy or wild cat we have, as their chances of adoption are almost zero...

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