mascul, Data nasterii: 16.04.2010
Adaugat la data de: 16 Nov 2014
Identificator: 10175

Puques was virtually adopted by Ianna!

After years of being taken care of and fed in a restaurant's yard by an employee, the owner decided to get rid of them, threatening to poison them.

So this is how Puques and his friend arrived to our shelter. They were both very frightened and shocked by all that happened to them. After being left together with the rest of the cats, Puques calmed down a little bit and became more confident. But his wild and restive character is still there - up to the present day. He doesn't allow to be petted, but is always right next to you, hunting the moment you'll bring some goodies. In time, there is a good chance that he will trust us more and more and will discover how good it is to be petted.

We truly believe that this wild nature makes him so beautiful and attractive for all the cats around him, that are always in search of his company. He is a real Don Juan, one with very expressive and large eyes. He could become a Don Juan for any cat lover in search of the cat that could conquer his/her heart.