mascul, Born on: 18.03.2011
Identificator: 10292

Scary is a very very sweet guy, who definitely chooses his friends. He loves some of us - comes to us, pushes his head against our legs, demands attention - but is really indifferent to others. He has his own special, sincere way of showing this: he gets up slowly and moves his round behind a little bit farther. He's so funny! And he's definitely keen on eating, one can very easily see that.

But we're very happy Scary is like this because he has met the most horrible people... We were asked to take him in urgently because otherwise, he would have been shot - and that was a threat we truly believed. He was fed by an old lady in her own yard, until he got mange, so she was told to get rid of him immediately...

In the beginning, Scary was very scared, always hiding, always running, hissing and spitting... and be it rain, thunder or freezing cold, he just wouldn't go inside the rooms, even if he was all alone in the yard. And because he was so big and frightening, we named him Scary.

It took him several weeks to realize that nobody is going to chase him away anymore, that nobody will hurt him. But then, our guy turned into a sweetheart. It was quite amazing, really, seeing this transformation. He also cleaned up very nicely and we could finally see that sparkling white of his! And watching him sit in the sun can calm any troubled spirit, as if he were a Zen master. Even if his name is still Scary... :)