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Adaugat la data de: 16 Nov 2014

This dog was found on the streets, desperately searching for food. His state was more than pitiful: undernourished and dehydrated, with his arcade broken, a nasty lesion around his neck and plenty of bruises on his tummy and legs. He was nursed and fed, his state improving considerably, when he suddenly fell ill. In order to discover what exactly he suffers from, he had an ultrasound done. The diagnosis is quite gloomy: juvenile Panosteitis popularly known as the "growing pains", affecting his hind legs and megalocardia with the compression of the trachea in the cardio mediastinum area on the left atrium, i.e. the heart is enlarged and the trachea is pressing and compressing the heart. He received calcium and vitamins for a very long period of time to strengthen the bones and his immunity. Slowly, Frodo managed to get up and walk again.

Unfortunately, the problems didn't seem to end for our little friend. A bump was found on the side of his flanks. He had a surgery and, to our joy, the bump was benign.

Frodo is an extremely playful and lively dog. He is a big goofy that trips over anything, including his own feet. He is the shelter's clown, making you laugh your head off, no matter how sad you happen to be. His sleeping positions are simply adorable: on his back, with his back legs sprawled. He loves being scratched and petted on his tummy and he rewards you with a funny grunt, while licking your face.