femela, aprox. 9 ani
Adaugat la data de: 16 Nov 2014

Cora is a small size dog of about 9 years old, that lived all of her life on the streets, on people's mercy. She found shelter around a block of flats where most of the people loved her and fed her. She got along very well with the cats around that area.

People built and improvised all kinds of houses for her, but every time they were destroyed by the "kind-hearted" tenants of the block. In autumn and winter she took refuge in the dried leaves under the trees or under the cars.  That was her home for more than 6 years when one of the tenants, just moved on the block, disturbed by her presence, filed a complaint. The dog catchers came and took her to the shelter under the unofficial threat that, being older, she will be put to sleep. 

She was saved and brought to the cat shelter where she finally found a roof over her head, constant food and lots and lots of love. She is a very humble and docile dog that always seems to be afraid not to  disturb or cause any inconvenience. Because she spent all of her life on the streets and she didn't have any refuge, she became very frightened by thunders and lightnings. When you pet and love her, her green eyes are so full of gratitude and happiness that your heart fills with joy. She is the friend and adoptive mother of the jolly Frodo. They play all day long, but when Frodo goes wild, she tempers him.