mascul, Born on: 01.09.2014
Identificator: 10472

Orry was one of the five brothers born on the streets because their mom was abandoned by her owner... It was an elderly lady who was supposed to care for her, but she moved in with her son when she got ill and of course, the son didn't want to take the cat too. So they left her without a home, to face life on the streets - rain, cold, hunger, dangers... As she was not even spayed, she soon gave birth to the five kittens...

The five brothers were very shy and didn't like human contact at all. Why would they? Their mom was everything they had... Still, one special lady saw them and started feeding them. She kept on going every single day with some food, trying to get close to them. Unfortunately, in time, three of them disappeared, but the remaining two kept on coming back to their place to meet the lady who was bringing them food and became more and more friendly.

One day, the people who live close to the place where they were fed saw the lady giving them food and told her to take them away or they will poison them. After all, they were being so bothered by the cats, that killing them seemed a good thing to do, right? Evil people are to be found on every street... it seems.

This came as a shock to the lady in our story and she burst into tears. She called us crying so hard you could barely understand her, asking if we could help. We went together with her and took the cats to our shelter. They are safe now...

Orry is a very talkative and friendly young guy. Every time he sees us he talks to us, telling us about his day and how happy he is to be with us. After being on the streets for a year, he seems very happy to spend all day inside. He doesn't go out in the open pen, almost like he is afraid not to be put on the streets again if he leaves the room. He is a very handsome orange and white male, with a somewhat long coat.

As happy he is to be with us now, the truly happy end for Orry would be to find a forever home, with owners who will take care and love and let him stay inside for as long as he feels like it. And assure him that nothing bad is going to happen to him ever again.