femela, Data nasterii: 01.04.2014
Adaugat la data de: 25 Jan 2017
Identificator: 10326

Eeney, Meeney and Mo were found in Baile Felix, a thermal spa resort near Oradea, by a woman who was walking her dog. The hero dog heard the cries of the kittens and led his owner to them. They were found buried under some leftover construction materials and dirt, in a dumpster and it was a miracle they haven't suffocated or haven't been crushed. They came to us in 2014, a very difficult year for us all, both people and cats alike. The boys, Eeney and Mo were very careful when it came to people, while the girl, Meeney was a sweet friendly kitten. Things changed after they got sick and needed medical care: you just couldn't touch any of them anymore... 

More than half a year later, Mo was adopted but unfortunately, Eeney and Meeney have not found that one family who would accept them, so they stayed with us some more. And they still do... 

Meeney wasn't the same sweet kitten after the treatment and, for a long while, she would run the moment you stretched your hand to touch her. She was a skinny girl while growing up and she's always had a kind of curiosity that made us hope that the day would come when she would just let us close again. Because hey! we were the bad guys, the ones who gave her pills and she would rather play with strangers than with us, that's how upset she was. 

One more year later, the day we have all been waiting for came: she asked for cuddles, just like that. From a complete stranger! She threw herself on the floor and showed her belly. So we waited patiently for our turn, as we were certain the day she finally forgave us was close... We were right. She started behaving as if nothing happened, as if she understood that we meant well, that we love her and that she shouldn't be afraid of us anymore. Meeney was back! Back but changed: wiser, more open but still careful, a beautiful young lady with a well-defined character - sweet but not forgetting or forgiving easily, a princess who trusts you after seeing the proof that you really love her and still a kitten deep inside, who loves to play with almost anything. 

It's been a long time since Meeney and her brothers came to us and it hadn't been easy for either of them. She has made amazing progress lately, and out of the two siblings who are still with us, she is the one who seems to have realized that life is much better if you cuddle more and allow yourself to be spoiled. Meeney has never had a real chance to go home because she was scared and hiding all the time, or running away from people. But now that it has been proven what a sweet girl she can be, now that she came out of her shell and opened up to the world, she deserves to be rewarded for being such a brave girl; and the best reward would be a forever home and a loving family!