Free sterilization campaign - starting 18th August 2014
Tuesday, 12 August, 2014,
IMPORTANT! BRIGITTE BARDOT FOUNDATION will sponsor a free neutering campaign for cats - 500 females and 100 males.
The sterilizations will begin on 18th August 2014, will be done by Chicopet Veterinary Cabinet (the vets are Lavinia Jurca and Danca Milici) and they will be scheduled as follows:
Monday: 15-18
Tuesday: 10-15
Thursday: 16-18

To schedule, please call 0723.163.071 - Lavinia Jurca (Monday to Friday, between 10-16, starting 12th August).

The sterilized cats will be identified by a tatoo.

Dear people in Oradea, if THEY CARE about our cats, what are WE waiting for? Aren't you tired of seeing sick and abused kittens on the streets? WE ARE! So we did our best and we did it - Oradea will see another FREE NEUTERING CAMPAIGN! Now, it's up to YOU, too!