The Cats Need You!
Thursday, 15 December, 2016,
Your help has always been more than welcome and we would like to thank all of you who help us - occasionally or regularly, regardless of  kind of donation or way to help! Only together with you, with your support can we get through it all, day by day... We still don't have a sponsor, we had to move to a smaller location... you probably know already what we have been dealing with in the last 2 and a half years and how we got in this situation... 

But the cats DON'T know anything. And they don't have to know, we have to protect them from stress and worries... Some of them haven't even recovered from the trauma of being abandoned or from the sufferings they must have endured, and are still shy and scared to this day. Nevertheless, they are our cats too! It's for them all that we work, for them we post albums with things to sale or organize events - so that THEY can be safe, loved and cared for, even if for most of them the only home they will ever know will be the shelter and they only family they will ever have will be us...

Donations have alarmingly decreased lately because many people have their own problems to deal with, unfortunately huge problems. We know and understand, because we're not any different, we are not protected from harm either... But we also know that we alone will never be able to sustain the shelter, we need YOUR HELP! 

So if you can, come to our event! Buy a calendar! Donate a can of food! Any help is much appreciated, whether it's occasional or regular, regardless of  kind of donation or way to help! And do not forget: there is no such thing as "little help"!

For those who'd like to support us, our data can be found here

Thank you!