Virtual adoptions - a chance they deserve!
Sunday, 16 November, 2014,
Many of our cats, although they are extremely beautiful and intelligent, were traumatized - they have been either abandoned or hit by people or cars, chased or abused by their former owners. But because no two cats are identical - neither appearance nor personality - some of them do recover beautifully in time, but others ... never. Or at least, not among tens of other cats. It's really sad, if you think about it ... Getting out of it all alive but still having almost no chance to go to your own house and family...

We have seen cases when a shy cat - or even wild - became, almost overnight, a really sweet, loving darling. Maybe she knew she was finally HOME! With others, this process took months, but they made it. All these happy-endings meant one thing: that their owner was a very patient person and the love for the cat was limitless. This attitude paid off the moment the cat understood she is safe, loved and protected. But for those who have suffered, the evidence coming from the owner, the proof, is absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, many cats do not have this chance. They are the ones who will spend their lives in the shelter, unknown to anyone but us. But it mustn't be like this! When a cat is adopted, even virtually, it feels like something has changed for that darling. Or at least, we see and feel different. Yes, the monthly contribution is also of great help, there's no denying that. But knowing that someone else loves her, that there is someone out there, besides us, who cares about her fate... these feelings are priceless!

What does this mean? Get in touch with us and say whom you have chosen - now that will be difficult, as they are all gorgeous! Or fill out the form available on the cat's page or here. Decide the amount you want to sponsor her with and leave us your contact details. We will send pictures regularly and keep you up to date regarding your sweetie. On the website, we will publish your name (if you agree, of course) and will display the certificate according to which, you're the "mommy" or "daddy" of our darling. And if the day comes when someone is willing to take her home, we will ask for your advice and permission. And if you yourself would like to permanently adopt her one day, our happiness and hers would be complete!

The album of the cats who can be virtually adopted - on Facebook!