Looney and Hailou
mascul, Data nasterii: Iunie 2013
Identificator: 10274 & 10275

They were 5 kittens born in the house of an elderly woman who cared for them the best she could. She allowed them to stay inside the house in the winter and fed them milk and normal food. But neither she, nor her family wanted them around, one of them even disappeared somewhere in the neighborhood. Their mom is a black and white cat (who was neutered after we took the kittens) but probably Looney takes more after her father, with her beautiful blue eyes.
When we went to get them, they were all hiding under the bed or behind the furniture. They panicked, so it was not without scratches that we finally managed to get them out but we couldn't leave the four brothers there anymore, especially when we saw that they were all a bit sick. Two were adopted in Romania, but Looney and Hailou remained because they are shy.
They don't react well to change - in the first few days - but then they behave pretty normally. They walk around the room, play, look out the window... To our surprise, one volunteer sent to us one day a video where we could see Looney on her back, allowing herself to be cuddled, rolling on her back! So the others tried, too. We came to realize that the moment you scratch her back, she's all yours, but you have to approach slowly - if taken by surprise or if in a basket, she would slap you. She's not into being lifted, but she will get there, we're sure of that, as Looney enjoys being given attention and cuddles.
Hailou is a bit more shy than his sister. He doesn't slap, he just makes a hissing sound when he's afraid. But he's totally into catnip, that can make him come out from wherever he is and roll on the floor.
Looney and Hailou made quite a progress since we took them, both with people and cats. It's just they need more than this, more patience, attention and love, just for them, a safe home and an understanding family.