mascul, Born on 01.09.2014

Out of three brothers that came to us, he is the definitely the shyest. But in such a heartbreaking way! Poor guy, he has been through a lot! They say, he was much friendlier on the streets: he was younger, having a mom and siblings to play with, no worries... even if it's because of a careless person that they were not born in a home, but under the blue sky... This sweetness of his was due to one cat lady who started feeding them when they were kittens, otherwise they would have turned out wild. But with patience and love, and food, she got close to them and showed them there are people who can be trusted. And they believed her... One thing they did not know is what bad people had in store for them: poison...

We took them in. Adonis was sweet from the beginning, Orry a bit shyer at first but still a talkative and loving guy but Gicu... well, he paid the price and lost faith in people. He stayed for days and days on a shelf, outside the room, in the pen we had, not moving from there only when we got close to him. He barely ate even if he was given food separately and his eyes showed a deep, deep sadness and fear. As if he knew the truth... He was very cautious with us getting anywhere near him for a while. Time passed and he began tolerating our presence, accepting the food and sometimes, some cuddles. But even now, he pulls himself together, blinking often, as if a human hand is only meant to do harm and his eyes show fear mixed with something strange: a desire, a wish that he cannot show as if being afraid that he will be disappointed again - that of belonging, of letting go of the past and his nightmares, a dream of love, care and patience so he can fully recover. Because even if it takes time to get his trust, he definitely wants to be cuddled, enjoys being petted like most cats, just near the tail, he wants to be loved and spoiled. We are certain that in a while, in the right family and home, with patience, love and attention, his eyes will forget the fear and will shine bright with happiness. All he needs is a real, true and honest chance to be a happy cat!