mascul, Born on 08.10.2011
Identificator: 10483

Bela must be one man's cat. He must have a strong sense of belonging to a human being or a family and also to a certain place. Otherwise, we cannot explain how a cat said to be friendly and sweet can change like this... The trauma he had been through when her lady owner died is certainly what triggered all his fears and uncertainties. They were loved before, Bela and his 3 friends, and you could see that they were well taken care of. Needless to say that when the lady's husband found out that he had a terminal disease and he had to send his beloved cats to the shelter, Bela's world collapsed entirely. None of the two people he loved was there, that was not his home where he felt safe and loved, we were only some strangers with who knows what intentions.

So Bela hid. For weeks, we could only see him while running away to hide better, so we can never ever find him. All he knew was that he must not let himself be caught. Kind words, good food, every trick we tried were just not enough for him. We then moved to this new place. He found a cupboard to hide and he could stay there all day long. Months passed and passed and we started noticing little signs of "feeling better": he was following us with his eyes, sitting on a shelf; he seemed more interested in the food we brought; we could see him eat dry food or getting just a little bit closer when we had fresh meat. Some of the chosen ones even touched him, without him running away. The others, well... we will wait patiently until he decides we're just as good, there is no other way.

Bela is not a wild cat, to bite or scratch. He is a traumatized cat who lost both his human parents after 5 years - 5 years during which he was loved and cared for. For him, the world ended when he came to us, his heart broke and his trust was destroyed. What we hope is that maybe, maybe, he is starting to realize that we can make that better, that we're here to help him overcome his fears. We can rebuild his world and mend that broken heart. Perhaps not entirely, because that... only a new, loving family could do. Even if it took 1 month or 1 year, we all strongly believe that he has an entire life ahead of him, a happy life. He can belong again, he can trust again and can be definitely be loved once more in his life. It cannot end like this for Bela... to spend the rest of his life in a shelter. Because one special family CAN make this right for him so we are looking for them to help us rescue Bela's precious soul and make him happy again!